If your nominated charity is picked out of our hat to be presented at the next meeting, you will be contacted by one of our organizers with the good news about 2-3 weeks before the meeting. The charity description that you submitted with your nomination will be put on our website as well as in the email that goes out to the membership announcing the 3 nominated charities.

You should prepare a 5 minute presentation describing why your charity should be chosen, what the charity would do with a $10,ooo+ gift, how it would impact the community, how many people would be impacted, etc. We ask that you do not bring any materials, handouts or visuals–your passion for the charity will speak for itself! A person timing you will subtly indicate when your 5 minutes is up.

There will also be an additional 5 minutes for members to ask you questions. You may answer the questions yourself, or you may bring a staff member from the nominated charity to answer the questions for you. Please remember that the second 5 minutes are not meant to be an opportunity to further “sell” the membership on the charity, and you or the staff member should stick to answering questions during this period.